• Welcome to Your Pelvic Physio



    Your Pelvic Physio is a small personalised clinic for both men and women, aiming to provide the highest level of care and advice, in a nurturing, supportive environment.

    Your Pelvic Physio offers specialised services in pelvic floor and continence physiotherapy for both men & women and services for pregnant and postnatal women.

    Your specific needs will be assessed and an appropriate treatment or rehabilitation program provided, to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals.


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  • Latest News

    May 23-27 is Exercise Right Week. If someone has, or is at risk of pelvic floor problems, it is important to take care to protect their pelvic floor while exercising and avoid risking further damage and incontinence. Leaking should never be considered normal and should not be accepted as inevitable part of ageing or childbirth. High impact exercises, such as running, skipping and jumping [...]

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    A recent study by Curtin University’s School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science found that 25% of women who participate in group exercise classes were unable to correctly contract their pelvic floor muscles, putting them at risk of stress urinary incontinence. The study recruited 90 women who regularly participated in a variety of low and high-impact group exercise classes, and [...]

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