• Your pelvic floor and sit-ups.

    May 23, 2016
  • A recent study by Curtin University’s School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science found that 25% of women who participate in group exercise classes were unable to correctly contract their pelvic floor muscles, putting them at risk of stress urinary incontinence.

    The study recruited 90 women who regularly participated in a variety of low and high-impact group exercise classes, and researchers used real-time ultrasound to assess the impact sit-ups had on the women's bladders and pelvic floor muscles.

    Sit-up exercises were found to increase the strain on the pelvic floor muscles, causing depression of the base of the bladder. This increase was greater in women who had had children, with 76 per cent of this group reporting they regularly experienced stress urinary incontinence (compared to 60 per cent of the whole group), most commonly triggered by exercise.

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